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Avoid Vacation Rental Scams: Interview with Fraud Expert Tammy Sorrento from Fireball Approves

April 2, 2019

Avoid Vacation Rental Scams: Interview with Fraud Expert Tammy Sorrento from Fireball Approves

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Tammy Sorrento founded Fireball Approves after she was NEARLY scammed by a Craigslist fraudster advertising a vacation home in Key West, FL. Tammy performed her due-diligence to safeguard her family from falling prey to a scam. Tammy researched the rental property and confirmed she had been in touch with a scammer who was impersonating the actual property owner!

Listen to the podcast to learn how to avoid being scammed by a Vacation Rental fraudster.

Tips to Protect Yourself from a Vacation Rental Scam

1. “I only deal in cash!” The property owner/imposter may ask you to pay in full with cash via a wire transfer like Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal or mobile app. Do not wire money or send cash to the property owner/imposter. Tracing the wired transfer and/or sending cash is almost impossible.

2. “You better hurry, this property rents fast!” The property owner/imposter may create a sense of urgency pressuring you to make a decision before the “great deal” has expired. Be patient and do not rush into making a quick decision. There are plenty of other vacation rental properties.

3. It sounds too good to be true. The property owner/imposter is advertising a premium property at a ridiculously low rental price and/or is willing to reduce the price “just for you”.

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Fireball Approves – “Don’t get burned by mis-leading rental ads!”

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