Ruin a Bad Guy’s Day Radio - Fraud Prevention Podcast


December 29, 2018


Skip Myers is a former criminal investigator, white collar crimes detective, and crime scene technician. Currently as a fraud prevention and risk strategy security expert, he brings over thirty years of law enforcement, loss prevention, investigative, e-commerce, electronic payments, and fraud prevention experience.

He is the creator and innovator of the ground-breaking approach to investigating digital crime, “The Digital Crime Scene: Your Guide to Fighting Fraud and Chargebacks.” Skip draws on his experience from criminal investigations, crime scene reconstruction, e-commerce, and fraud prevention to detail his five steps for investigating the digital crime scene.

This approach has helped merchants and investigators identify virtual evidence left at the digital crime scene. Skip's five step method has helped to identify and categorize chargeback contributors that have lead to increased sales and order acceptance while reducing overall losses to fraud. As an added bonus this process and investigative methods have lead to the successful prosecution of fraudsters and recovery of stolen merchandise. 

Skip is actively involved with industry events as a featured speaker and contributor to articles covering a range of fraud prevention topics that include “How to Ruin a Bad Guy’s Day.”


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