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HACKED! My Identity Has Been Stolen - Really!

December 27, 2018

HACKED! My Identity Has Been Stolen - Really!

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After the Equifax data breach in September 2017, I started a personal journey to protect my identity and take proactive measures to ruin a bad guy's day! I researched and reviewed several identity theft monitoring services, credit monitoring services, and how I could freeze my credit with all three credit bureaus. There are some very simple steps YOU can take right now to protect your identity and stop a bad guy from opening credit in your name and Ruining Your Day.

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Today, Skip discusses how his personal identity was compromised and recently used by criminals to open a line of credit with a large women's clothing retailer. However, through a proactive approach to protect his identity, Skip details the steps he took to stop the fraudsters in their tracks. Now, Skip is awaiting additional information from LifeLock and the retailer so that he can pursue the fraudsters with every means at his disposal. Check out Ruin a Bad Guy's Day:

It's time to play offense against the fraudsters and Ruin a Bad Guy's Day!

What can YOU do?

  • Open an Identity Theft Monitoring Account -  LifeLock or Experian
  • Open a Credit Monitoring Account - Credit Karma
  • Freeze Your Credit with All 3 Credit Bureaus

Who should YOU call?

  • Social Security Administrations Fraud Alert Line - 800-269-0271
  • Federal Trade Commission - Report Identity Theft - 877-FTC-HELP

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